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What Do I Need To Pay Attention To When Washing My Shoes?

1: Shoes, canvas shoes and other washable materials

This material of shoes cleaning way is direct washing ah, such as shoes, canvas shoes and other similar materials of shoes can be cleaned directly with water, but do not soak for a long time. Like the big hot little white shoes wear really beautiful, but also really easy to get dirty, shoes on some stains are no matter how to wash can not be removed. Sports and leisure shoe manufacturers recommend that you remove stains by using a toothbrush or shoe brush to lightly brush the surface with a little alcohol. After cleaning, remember not to sunbathe shoes in the sun, the sun will not only make shoes fade and deform, but also make small white shoes yellow Oh. The right thing to do is to wrap your shoes completely in a white towel or paper towel and leave them in a ventilated place to dry.

2: Leather shoes, leather boots, snow boots

Some bright leather, lacquered or ordinary leather shoes can not be cleaned directly with water, need to use wet wipes to wipe. There are also some frictional towels on the market that are specially designed to polish shoes. Use the mild lotions, baby oil or Vaseline you normally use, and don't use any extra shoe polish. Apply directly to the leather boots and wipe them in a rotating circle to smooth out the folds of the leather, which is environmentally friendly and effective. In order to prevent boots soft lying on the ground, sports and leisure shoes manufacturers suggest that you can prepare some newspapers stuffed into the shoes, both moisture-proof and can make shoes not afraid of deformation. Where the boots are straight, you can put water bottles or old magazines to support them.

For suede shoes made from goatskin and sheepskin, a soft brush or toothbrush can be used to comb and clean in the same direction. You can use a brush to clean some of the more stubborn stains, but remember that suede shoes do not need to be maintained with shoe polish and skin care products. All velvet shoes and snow boots are also common in this guideline.