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Men’s Shoes And Sports Shoes Processing Process Classification, Characteristics And Applications

Men’s Shoes And Sports Shoes Processing Process Classification, Characteristics And Applications

Injection molding process, divided into injection molding method and injection glue method, injection molding method is medium injection pressure, the barrel temperature is higher, synthetic resin plastic into the mold, once complete the sole curing and sole binding molding, more used in cloth shoes. Now leather shoes, plastic shoes, rubber shoes also use this kind of technology;

Pouring method, is the quantitative reactive raw material liquid (e.g. polyurethane, polyamide, etc.) A/B components, in the mixing head after high-speed mixing pouring into the mold cavity, so that it in the normal (high) pressure curing binding molding, is now used for the production of rubber shoes and a few cloth shoes.

Plastic method, is the plastic sol into the shoe yin cavity, side heating, side rotating mold, so that a part of the plastic in the centrifugal force attached to the mold cavity wall gel into a blank body, pour out excess plastic sol, continue to heat the blank body mature molding, release and then put into the shoes, used in rubber shoes and plastic shoes

Molding process, is in the foot of the bandaged help (shoe help under the mouth) to fit the soles of shoes, fences (for rubber shoes), put the billet into the mold, heating and pressurization, vulcanization molding, more for rubber shoes, leather shoes and cloth shoes.

Bonding process, divided into hot vulcanization adhesive legal, cold adhesive and viscous seam method. Thermal vulcanization is legally refers to the shoe parts glued into the vulcanization tank, indirect heating with steam or direct heating with air, steam, in the glue parts vulcanization at the same time, so that help, bottom adhesive synthesis type. Among them, the outer bottom, bottom heel and other components pre-molded and then glued to other components into the vulcanization tank to heat the sulfurization of the called secondary vulcanization method, is the traditional process of rubber shoe production. Now some cloth shoes also use this method; cold adhesive is the shoe gang and soles coated with adhesive, at room temperature pressurized adhesive synthetic, is now used in leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes. The adhesive method is the shoe gang and sole cold sticky, the foot of the perimeter of the shoe again use the seam, to enhance the bottom and help between the fastness.

Another is the assembly process, which assembles molded, molded or punched shoe parts into shoes, which are now used mostly in plastic slippers and rubber slippers. Anti-static shoes. Generally rubber mount high boots, the soles of the boots than ordinary rain shoes thick, waterproof. There are also water field boots in jumpsuits.