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How To Maintain Small White Shoes Of Different Materials

01, cloth, canvas small white shoes maintenance

When the dirty water sprayed do not know how to clean, you can use toothpaste or crystal soap toothbrush brush dry! When drying, cover the whole pair of shoes with wet toilet paper to avoid direct sunlight, can dry better, so that there will be no yellowing results. Or use solid hydrogen peroxide vinegar this combination, solid hydrogen peroxide water is sodium percarbonate, combined with water, the effect is close to the feeling of bleach, brushing in a similar way, and then soaked with a little white vinegar in the clear water (don't use vinegar…) For about an hour, vinegar can combine the ingredients of bleach to reduce the chance of yellowing. But small white shoes processing manufacturers small editor remind small partners, operation is risky, need to be careful.

02, leather type of small white shoes

Leather white shoes are already good to clean a lot, with a technology sponge to touch some water, soon some sweat will be wiped away, or use white vinegar, shampoo, toothpaste, such as good partners, with a little bit, you can remove the dirt. But regular use of the cortex can cause the epidermis to crack. There is a big trick Vaseline, in a single case, Vaseline is like white leather shoe polish, with a little light wipe, you can dilute the dirty, and even form a protective film.