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Types And Distinctions Of Running Shoes

1. Jogging shoes: for ordinary runners. Pay full attention to protection and avoid sports injuries. The general life span is 1,000 kilometers. The characteristic is heavy and perfect protection.

2. Performance training shoes: for professional and semi-professional long-distance runners, dedicated for track training. This kind of shoe focuses on protection and light balance. On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent athletes from training injuries, and on the other hand, they must also allow athletes to achieve results.


3. Marathon shoes: shoes prepared only for running marathons, not suitable for daily jogging. It is so light that it has almost no weight, has poor protection performance, and has an extremely short lifespan.

Knowing the types of running shoes, let's take a look at the ways to distinguish them: jogging shoes are generally heavy and have very thick soles. Performance training shoes are in the middle, which can feel lighter than ordinary sports shoes and far lighter than jogging shoes. Marathon shoes are very light and thin, almost weightless, and the soles are also very thin, and easy to distinguish. Running enthusiasts are more suitable for jogging shoes. Compared with jogging shoes, the protection of this kind of shoes is far from insufficient, because on the one hand, professional athletes are in better physical condition than us enthusiasts, and the skills to avoid sports injuries are much better. On the other hand, in order to pursue lightness, manufacturers must Give up a lot of protection technology. This kind of shoe exists for only one purpose, to pursue the highest performance for professional marathon runners.