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The Meaning Of Running Shoes

Our daily running will have an impact on our knees. The impact force is about 3 to 5 times the body weight. When we were running, we all rose into the air, then landed, and then rose into the air in an instant. These actions were repeated. The impulse generated during running is mainly absorbed by the cartilage of the knee. If a person weighs about 60 kilograms, his knee will receive about 200 kilograms of impact when running. Many poorly protected runners suffer from knee injuries in the second half of their lives, and even need to support things when they walk. So when we run, we need something to replace the knee to absorb the impact and protect the bones. Therefore, running shoes appeared.

We can think of running shoes as a spring. When we run, we need to use something to replace the cartilage structure of the knee to absorb the impact. This task is accomplished by the shock-absorbing technology of running shoes. It can divide the deformation that the knee cartilage originally ought to bear to these materials to bear, and the knee will have less work. Running shoes are not to make us run faster, but to prevent us from getting hurt when we run. This is the meaning of running shoes.