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The Difference Between Table Tennis Shoes And Other Sports Shoes

Let's take a look at the current classification of sports shoes on the market, generally including table tennis shoes, basketball shoes, badminton shoes and so on. I often encounter friends asking whether badminton shoes or basketball shoes or indoor football shoes are suitable for table tennis shoes? Strictly speaking, these shoes cannot replace table tennis shoes. Why? This should be analyzed from the characteristics of different sports:

Badminton or basketball exercises are fast, large in amplitude, and have a lot of sudden stops. In order to cushion the knee damage caused by these vibrations, thicker soles and high uppers are required. Unlike table tennis, the range of table tennis is smaller. The amplitude is also small, especially for high starting speed. If the sole is too thick, the buffer time is too long and it is not conducive to fast starting. Therefore, when choosing table tennis shoes, you should choose professional table tennis shoes with moderate hardness and a certain thickness, which can not only play a buffer and protection role, but also maintain the rapid starting ability required by table tennis.