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Isn’t it appropriate for a girl with thick legs to wear high heels?

Isn’t it appropriate for a girl with thick legs to wear high heels?

Tie your toes

Believe that many people have heard of tied toes, this is one of the good ways to relieve foot pressure, I believe that many MM have a little knowledge of this method, this method is the third toe and the fourth toe tied up with glue, in the case of walking in more shoes can be synchronized and smooth to reduce the role of toe blood pressure, can be the pressure on the feet scattered, so that MM wearing high heels when walking more and more easily, there will be no more pain of squeezing. But this method also has a need to pay attention to the place, that is, when we tie the glue, pay attention to not be able to tie the two toes too close, otherwise it will be very easy to cause toe blood is not smooth, so that a long time will appear numb feet, so pay special attention to master the skills.

Shoes squeeze their feet

Many girls have met the newly bought high heels will have the trouble of squeezing feet, because just bought back the high heels in the inevitable will have a hard and tight situation, wearing on the feet will feel particularly uncomfortable, then this time we may as well try to use sealed packaging The bag is filled with water, then put the bag with water in the newly purchased shoes,(the effect must be to make the shoes feel inflated) and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze for a night, the shoes for a cooling stereotype, This method can be a little bit of a balanced shoe, put on shoes again when it is not easy to squeeze feet!

Prepare insoles in advance

High heels selection

This method, it seems to let the small editor do not recommend, it can be said that this is an unnecessary proposal, but the small editor's proposal is not only so simple, usually everyone in the buy shoes, if found that there are individual shoes on the insole work is better, and when wearing if Replace the insoles of the original shoes with better workmanship, wearing will be more comfortable, so you can taste the next shop assistant, see if they can give you an extra pair of insoles, so that you wear when there is an alternative. So it's also a very wise choice to have a pair of insoles ready in advance for yourself!

How to deal with the difficult problem of slipping on the road

If you wear newly bought high heels, occasionally encounter some walking slip conditions, this time we can also wear shoes before trying to use stereotyped gel water to the soles of the feet sprayed a few times, so that the foot can keep dry, put on the back toe is not easy to slip. Heeled heels have always been the girls' favorite, it not only can double the beauty of women, and it is suitable for different occasions, if with different design style of clothing together, then whether the ladies, or modern girls, put on a pair of their favorite high heels, it can always let you have a unique self-confidence beauty.

I believe that many girls will also encounter the problem of new high heels will grind feet, that this time we can use the hair dryer to warm the shoes on the foot of the part, while there is also a degree of grinding foot rub, let it soften. This method is suitable for a certain part of the place to grind feet, such as the heel, toe side, will grind long blisters that kind, so that we can use electric hair, to the shoe grinding foot part of the blow, until the blowing skin becomes loose, and then rub hard, so that when put on again will feel a lot more comfortable.