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What should I do if my high heels grind my feet?

What should I do if my high heels grind my feet?

1. Cover the shoe area with wet cotton towel for a few minutes, and then take a dry soft cotton towel wrapped up to squeeze the foot area, with a hammer knock twice, the shoe grinding foot area hit flat, shoe leather layer loose and flat after it is not easy to grind feet.

2. Newspaper group to take a newspaper, kneaded into a ball, with a few drops of water, do not need too much water, but to stick the whole group of water, and then take a dry newspaper wrapped up wet newspaper, stuffed in the foot-squeezing part, and then seal the shoes in a bag, let it be placed for a night, it is.

3. Shoe wedge If the shoe is small and clamped feet, why not wet cotton towel cover wet, and then with shoe wedge support big, wear it on the foot.

4. Soap shoes before wearing, first take a bar of soap (the usual 焟 candle can also be) in the heel with the heel touch the most part of a thin layer, the heel will become more and more smooth and no longer grinding feet.