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How Can I Tell The Superfibre Material Of The Upper?

How Can I Tell The Superfibre Material Of The Upper?

1, look at the shoe super-fibre material texture

Can go to compare the same kind of pattern of different super-fibre leather will find that high-quality super-fibre leather pattern will be more clear, and the surface layer of plastic sense is weak, and poor quality super-fibre leather not only rough and plastic sense is very strong.

2, look at the creases of the super-fibre material on the uppers

Can compare the thickness of the middle crease wrinkles of superficibre material, when restored to see if the crease can disappear quickly, the smaller the crease, the faster the disappearance represents the superficient skin surface PU and the bottom base cloth paste the better, which is an important indicator of high-quality super-fibre skin.

3, touch the feel of super-fibre material

High-quality superficipial leather will have a good feel, flexibility, elasticity and comfort are high.

4, look at the scraping of the super-fibre material on the upper

You can use hard objects to scrape the surface of the super-fibre to see if it will leave scratches, in general, high-quality super-fibre leather surface is very scratch-resistant.

Advantages of superfibre materials for uppers:

1, super-fiber materials resistant to hydrolysis, sweat stains, anti-aging functions are second to none. For the upper, can make the upper more adaptable to the environment, not easy to work, its three functions compared with leather upper more durable.

2, super-fiber materials are small, super-fiber is made of science and technology, production is more stable, and leather compared to the cost of super-fiber is low, small loss, higher use rate.

3, super-fiber materials of a variety of styles, super-fiber styles are very multi-color, suitable for shoe fabrics.

4, super fiber price has high and low, high price relatively high quality, low price quality is also a little lower. More adaptable to the domestic market.