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Daily Care Of Golf Shoes

1. The soles of the shoes should be fully sunken, inclined and other places where the lawn conditions are not good, and the soles of the feet are particularly prone to slippage under the condition of being drenched in rain. When walking, try to expand the contact area between the sole and the ground. Please start walking carefully.   2. Don't walk on foot in slippery places.

3. In the case of heavy walking, the pushing pressure to the ground when landing makes the forward force larger, which increases the possibility of slipping on the soles of the feet. On some roads such as rain-drenched ground, sloping ground, and concrete ground, please walk as little as possible.

4. Change the spikes frequently. For soft spiked golf shoes that need to be replaced, the spikes should be replaced in time. Because the spikes installed on soft spiked shoes are made of resin or rubber, they wear out faster than metal spikes.