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Tips for putting on ballet shoes

Cut off the satin ribbon on the toe cap: The most thorough method is to cut off the satin cloth at the flat surface of the toe. It will look better when performing on stage. In addition to forged noodles, there are canvas-side pointe shoes that are sold on the market. Beginners are more suitable to use canvas noodles first, so that they can avoid slipping when they are full toes.

Coat the toe cap with hot rash: Use cotton dampened with a small amount of hot rash and apply it to the flat area of the toe to prevent slippage. In addition, professional dancers often coat the entire pair of shoes with hot rash, because the matte upper can make the foot line look longer.

Dip the toe with water: Dip a little bit of water on the toe and upper of the shoe with cotton, it will make the shoes change according to your foot shape. Or use alcohol instead of water, and the shoes will not soften so quickly.

Cut off the shoe board: Cutting off the shoe board at your arch will make your instep line more distinctive. But remember to remove the heel nails before cutting off the shoe plate, and after cutting off the shoe plate, you have to stick the insole back to its original position so that it will not stick to the foot. Cross the straps of the toe caps to tie them tightly: this will make the shoes fit more closely to the feet and show the maximum instep line.

What to do if the heel keeps slipping off: First moisten the heel with a little water, step on your heel full of rosin, and then put on the heel, the heel will not slip off. After tying the ribbon, sew it at the knotted position. If you have to change shoes, spray hairspray on the knots after tying the ribbon.