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Diabetic shoes from San Rou LLa Footwear offer extreme comfort and protection for diabetic feet. These shoes feature a smooth fabric interior, padded with foam, and stretchable uppers that conform to the foot’s contours, easing pressure and enhancing comfort. They are engineered with extra depth design, a deep toe box, lightweight cushioning sole, and special material for good arch support. The factory specializes in producing diabetic, obesity, and healthy shoes, offering last shapes, lightweight materials, and excellent ventilation.

Product Details

The best quality provides extreme comfort and protection for diabetes feet

Overall material of diabetes footwear features smooth fabric interior, padded with foam that eliminate irritation and enhance protection At the same time, the interior is also very breathable .

Many feet work well as shoes for diabetic neuropathy – they are engineered with stretchable uppers that conform to the contours of the foot, easing pressure and enhancing comfort and The inner circumference of the shoes is very spacious, reaching 6E .

Sang Rou LLa Footwear is your preferred factory to purchase. SangRouLLa footwear offers a variety of styles including diabetic; Sneakers, Boots, Slippers, Sandals, Athletic Running as well as: Work Boots & Shoes ,wide and extra 6E wide diabetic shoes.


Innovative diabetic shoes offer the ultimate comfort & protection for diabetic feet
Orthofeet Diabetic Shoes are designed to enhance comfort and provide the ultimate protection for diabetic feet and the best shoes for diabetics with neuropathy.
Orthofeet diabetic footwear features smooth fabric interior, padded with foam that eliminate irritation and enhance protection.
Many Orthofeet work well as shoes for diabetic neuropathy – they are engineered with stretchable uppers that conform to the contours of the foot, easing pressure and enhancing comfort.
Another innovative feature of Orthofeet diabetic orthopedic shoes is the premium orthotic insole with the unique arch booster that controls overpronation and improves comfort from heel to toes.
The wide toe box along with the extra depth design ease pressure on bunions and hammertoes and swollen feet, offering the best shoes for diabetic swollen feet.
When searching for comfortable shoes for diabetics Orthofeet is the store to come to. Orthofeet offers a variety of styles including diabetic; Sneakers, Boots, Slippers, Sandals, as well as: Work Boots & Shoes ,wide and extra wide diabetic shoes.





1.Why come to our factory to purchase diabetes shoes or normal shoes?

*The best shoes for diabetics include the following:

1)·Protective, insole and soft interior with no protruding stitches to avoid irritation.

2)·Non-binding, stretchable uppers that conform to the contours of the foot and eliminate pressure on the foot.

3)  Extra depth design that provides a pressure free fit and can accommodate swelling inserts. 

4) A deep and 4E- 6E wide toe box allows enough room for the toes to move and eliminates pressure on the toes. 

5) The lightweight cushioning sole is conducive to mobility and stability, and the anti slip effect is particularly good, so that obese patients or diabetes patients can stand stably there without being hurt by falling.

6) Middle soles with Special material that provide good arch support, reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot and offer proper cushioning .

*Different models have different MOQ. You’d better contact us to confirm. Sometimes if you want a small quantity of normal shoes :

 1)  We can suggest you some other models which have small MOQ ;

2)   We can suggest you the shoes in stock ;

3)  We may increase the FOB/CIF/DDP price based on small quantity;

4)  We can have a talk to solve the problems in a happy method.


  • What are the advantages of diabetic footwear made in my factory ?
  •  We will provide LAST shapes in different countries for mass production and purchase orders for you .
  •  Lightweight can provide better motion control, and the cost of air transportation in large quantities will also be appropriately reduced due to the use of lighter special materials.
  •  The ventilation effect is very good, which is the key to diabetes shoes. The special material we have chosen should increase by at least 6 degrees in winter and decrease by around 6 degrees in summer..
  • We use soft materials and seamless connections without stitching to prevent skin damage.

Window for both buyers and sellers to know each other :

  • Are you selling online or buying in bulk in physical stores ?

Re: Yes , No

  • What is the total quality of your annual planned purchase?

Greater than or equal to 100,000 pairs each year Less than or equal to 5000pairs per year .

  • How can we meet any footwear products you need ?

  Our factory specializes in the production of diabetic shoes, obesity shoes, healthy shoes etc.

  • Do you need to purchase small batches to test the market prospects of the market ? Is is related to health shoes or other footwear products?

Our factory is happy to help you with small batch production to provide you with market testing .

  • Could you please provide your brand and logo ?

If it is famous brand in you country , we are willing to cooperate with you ,and we can also provide you with 1-3 free samples for you to test the quality .

  • Do you have a cargo agent in China ?

Our factory has man agents and ship owners, including MAERSK , MSC, HPL, COSCO, HAMBURG SUD ,OOCL , MOL , UASC, APL , YANGMING , NYK etc.










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