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Maintenance Of Basketball Shoes

Maintenance Of Basketball Shoes


There are two maintenance purposes for basketball shoes: one is the maintenance of performance, and the other is the maintenance of appearance. The maintenance method of performance mainly lies in the correct preservation of the shoes, while the maintenance of the appearance mainly reflects the scientific cleaning of the shoes, and sometimes the two are integrated.

In terms of preservation methods, due to the various types of raw materials for making basketball shoes, for example, the materials used in a pair of basketball shoes are likely to include leather, cloth, nylon, non-dragon, non-marking rubber, etc., resulting in a comparison of the production process Complex, there are many places where glue sticks together. It is these materials that guarantee the performance of a pair of shoes, and to maintain the performance lies in the proper handling of a pair of shoes, so that the materials mentioned above will not age. Therefore, the correct method of saving and writing should pay attention to the following points.

Place the environment

First, the shoes should be placed in a relatively dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, because the damp environment will cause the corrosion of the body of the shoe, and the sun will cause part of the material of the shoe to deteriorate and discolor. However, the place where you put your shoes should not be too dry, because it will cause cracks in the leather.

Second, when storing shoes, soft paper balls should be stuffed inside the shoes. The main purpose of this is that the paper balls can absorb the residual moisture inside the shoes to keep the interior dry, and help keep the shape of the shoes fixed. As for "break down" after use.

Third, what needs to be pointed out is that for the storage of the collection type, it is best to buy some shrink film and completely wrap a pair of shoes like in a shoe store, in order to maximize the isolation of the shoes from the air and prevent a long period of time. The inner air continuously oxidizes the shoes.