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Introduction to ballet shoes

Standing on toes to dance is the most significant feature that distinguishes ballet from other dances. When it comes to ballet, the first thing people think of is dancing on toes. People will wonder how a ballerina dances on tiptoe? Maybe he tried secretly at home to lift it up with his toes, but he couldn't stand up anyway. In fact, it is not easy to stand on your toes and dance without the help of ballet shoes.

Pointe shoes are different from ordinary soft-soled exercise shoes. The front part of the cloth is glued layer by layer with special glue and solidified, forming a hard toe, and there is a small flat surface at the foremost end; and there is a rubber shoe plate in the sole of the shoe sole. There is a leather bag bottom. The ballerina stands up with the help of the shoe plate and uses the small surface of the toe to fix the center of gravity.